Wherein the Reigning Diva Puts on Her Make-up

Let me powder my face--don't talk of Daae!
How dare she aspire to my place--the brat!
Where *is* my rouge? no, not the red, the *pink*.
Who could've imagined that she would try that?
I'm sure that Raoul will sympathize with .
I hope my hair will fall in place today.
He'll melt to see tears in her pretty eyes...
Dear Lord above, but men are easy prey!
Well, he won't be charmed when she is going grey--
I'm sure she is the type who will grow stout--
He'll prove fickle, not like dear Piangi.
Oh, *have* I thrown my favourite kohl-pot out??
I've laboured all my life to reach this peak,
To me, applause is good as any gold
And I deserve the praise they have to give.
(O blessed Mary, am I growing old?)