[Note: I had barely slept the whole weekend and thus cannot remember certain parts of the show.]

Well, after being VERY frustrated about Yonge St exit being closed, 'my' street being closed, my parking lot being turned into a park, the fact that you can't make a left or a right turn ANYWHERE in Toronto and the fact that pedestrians are allowed on the streets, I made it to JJ Muggs!

After meeting a bunch of people whose names I will never be able to recall, we were soon joined by laird Mackintosh (Raoul). We all had a wonderful time and were eventually joined by Scott Watanade (Passarino and Don Atilio). Towards the end of lunch, Kim Stengel (Carlotta) dropped by with her daughter Kendra (who is the most adorable thing). Apparently, Kim had had a nightmare the day before where she and Laird were trying to get to the theatre before the show but the roads were all closed. It was getting to be about the half-hour call and Kim didn't have her cell phone, so Laird and Kim were both begging people for quarters to call the theatre. But the theatre's line was busy.. Eventually, they made it to the theatre, but Kim was too late to go on. I think someone had nerves!

After lunch, the group went to the Pantages theatre. After begging the poor souls who work there, they let us into the auditorium to take some group pictures.

And now, on to the show!

Auction: At lunch, some of us made a joke about Raoul's line "boy." One was that the porter isn't a boy and the other is that they should give the part to a girl and not tell Laird. So he'd have to go "Boy..er..girl!" instead. Um.. The auction: Nothing new.

Overture: You have got to be kidding. Does anything ever change?

Hannibal: Kim has had a cold this weekend, but you couldn't tell. She was lovely as usual! I don't know how she does it, but Kim can get her nose so high in the air!

Think of Me: Mme Firmin (Janet Coates) reminded me a bit of a dressed-up Sybil Fawlty from Fawlty Towers. Melissa Dye (Christine) is a pretty darn-good Christine! She has a nice voice and nice acting.

AOM: Meg (Catriona Ferguson) says "More practicing, more rond de jambes." Or the other way around..

Lil Lotte: Mme Firmin snickered at the "They appear to have met before" line... Made me think that it had a more 'raunchy' connotation!

AOM reprise: lapsed into unconsciousness

Title song: I could see the rat catcher just STAND at the top of the travelator thingy after he did his cross plus saw a crew member under him who held open the curtain for the phantom and Christine.

Motn: Jeff Hyslop (Phantom) has a nice voice. It's not my personal favourite because it's very harsh, but that's my belief. Nice acting...(if you play opposite him, wear a rain coat)

Punjab Lasso: All I remember is thinking "What if Mme Giry and Buquet were married..?"

Notes: All the newspapers that Firmin had were "La Figaro." Made me think "Why does he keep switching papers if they're all the same ones?" I'll say it again: Toronto has been blessed with awesome Carlottas and Managers. After the "let me see it," Carlotta had a little "hmph" after everyone else's exclamations. Sort of "of all people, *I* should be the one to see it!" And while Firmin walks past while reading the note, Carlotta tries looking over at it to try and read it. After the first manager kisses Carlotta's hand and she made the other one, she had the cutest "I have them eating out of the palm of my hand" look!

Prima Donna: Nothing new to report!

Il Muto: Best croaks ever!!!! The ballet girl who gasps and covers her mouth with her hands then smiles (downstage left) was sooo cute!!

AIAOY: Who cares?

Reprise: ditto.

During intermisison, we find out that Brent Webber (Piangi) has been replaced by Kelly Robertson. Found out later that Brent had had surgery 1.5 months ago and just didn't feel up to finishing the show.

Entr'acte: Same as always

Masquerade: I *really* want a Masquerade costume. They are all so cute! During the 'talking' bit during the ballet, Carlotta seemed to be talking with Andre for a VERY long time.. (but then again, we all know Carlotta is a huge flirt.) Also, Mme Giry and Meg did the two kisses on the cheek. Which means they are probably not Parisian natives since Parisians do three kisses Two kisses are done mainly in the south by Nice.

Mme Giry/Raoul: can't remember

Notes II: Jeff Timmons did it! We told Laird that Jeff was going to put on his Phantom mask when Laird was downstage left during this scene. Jeff did and *everyone* noticed! Kim said that it reminded her of this guy who used to sit front row centre once a week and wear his Phantom mask every performance in Singapore. Laird *almost* cracked up and we're pretty sure Melissa saw it too. I still feel sorry for Carlotta at the end.. all alone.. but the Piangi did look as if he was motioning to her "It's ok, I'll just calm this poor child down. You're fine."

Don Juan Rehearsal: AWESOME part for Carlotta :) When Reyer told Piangi that he had sung the wrong part, I think Sandra Margolese (Princess) made a face at Christine that sort of said "Don't worry, this ALWAYS happens." And Carlotta made a face when Christine first appeared that said "Ha! We'll see her fall flat on her face now!" And the little 'rant' that Carlotta does at the end was hilarious. I feel sorry for Reyer at that point!

Wishing: can't remember

Wandring: First time I saw the Phantom step out of the Angel. During this point, I wondered if it would be cool if Raoul picked up some stones and threw them at the Phantom. Seems like Raoul has the disadvantage because the phantom has the flame thrower and Raoul gets nothing.

Don Juan: Same as always.. Except I wondered how the part would be if they had real apples!

PONR: Lovely! Melissa Dye's best song! Shows that the little tea-kettle whistle..er, Christine *can* act!

The not-so-real death of Piangi: The body of Piangi doesn't show when the Phantom comes out of the room, they must put it in during PONR. Also, does Carlotta ever say ALL of what she says on the OLC? I never hear the "It's all your fault" part.

Final Lair: Nice! Even though I'm not the hugest fan of Jeff's voice, it seemed perfect for the way his character was in this scene. Very rough and scared and almost insane. The way he screamed "Make your" and then almost silently added "choice" was really wonderful. After the kiss, it seemed that the Phantom did not know what to do. For a while itlooked like he really was going to kill Raoul up till the point where his arm shoots high at the rope.

Bows: Ok, I'm usually the ONLY ONE who stands up before Raoul but this time most of the HOUSE was up when Kim took her bow. There was a little speach about how we were all saying bye to Jeff that night and Jeff told a story how his first show was his 40th bday and they had a huge cake for him. Then someone said thanks to everyone because this is the longest show in Canadian history and everyone cheered. Then he read a letter from ALW thanking the cast, crew, and fans. A big cake was wheeled out onto the stage (black icing, big Phantom's mask and I didn't catch what writing). We all sang "Happy Birthday." The first verse was normal, then after all of the singers in the show and the audience started improvising with I think Kim and maybe Melissa doing a nice high note at the end. THEN: The fireworks! There were more than I'd ever seen before.. Very bright and you could tell even the actors n stage were surprised. Plus streamers came down on the audience.

Stage door: After waiting about an hour and begging everyone went into the theatre with pizza for a slice, some people came out. Included were: David Rogers, Laird Mackintosh, Kim Stengel, Catriona Ferguson (Meg), and Jeff Hyslop.

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