1. Raoul's jacket fell off the railing when he was jumping into the trap door.

2. The guy that lights the footlights right at the beginning of 'Don Juan"'s light stick thing died out on him. He lit half the lights without any fire.

3. You know how the curtain goes down at the end of "Masquerade" so Mme Giry and Raoul's scene can go on while they take down the staircase? Well, it didn't happen today! When the lights came back on, the bottom section of the staircase was halfway across the sateg and when they noticed the curtain was still up, they started to push it back into place. When they realise that was stupid, they just started pushing it back off the stage when the curtain finally came down. Was kind of funny because no one knew what to do!

Now, the review...Most everyone was playing the parts the same way they did the anniversary. (Exceptions are Ciaran Sheehan as the Phantom and Glenda Balkan as Christine.)

Kim Stengel (Carlotta) didn't flirt as much with Piangi as she normally does, but she was flirting WAAAAAY more than usual with Andre! I have never seen that scarf go around Andre's neck like that...(Ok, so that gives Carlotta 3 people to flirt with in the show? Sounds good to me!)

In my review of the anniversary, I said that Kim kind of squeeked the word 'public' in "Prima Donna" and wondered whether it was intentional. Apparently it is because she did it again today. Very cute.

Ok, Sandra Margolese (Princess and Carlotta understudy) did a few things...out of the ordinary today. First thing was right before the singing part of "Masquerade" started she and some person a step behind her high fived after the hand motions. I'm not sure whether they did that intentionally or if they just ended up hitting each other..I'll find out ;)

Next thing was Sandra seemed to like using her scarf. (Is having fun with a scarf a Carlotta thing now?) First, she waved it in Raoul's face. (Christine, watch out. You have competition now!) Then she waved it in around a lot with Piangi.

Well, let's see...Oh, Ciaran was there. He's still amazing! Love the baritone voice for a change. He had such an echo at the end of his parts it was really neat to watch.

Glenda...Glenda Glenda Glenda..What can I say about Glenda? BEAUTIFUL high notes. Lovely voice, her lower register reminds me of a cello. (Yes, that's good!)

I was sitting in the balcony at the Pantages for the first time and it was so cool to be able to hear different instruments! I could hear more percussion and more woodwinds than ever before.

Oh, Firmin (Michael Fawkes, understudy) was cute in the second "Notes" when Carlotta and Christine were having their fight. He was standing in between both of them and after Carlotta yelled her bit, he started rubbing and covering up the ear that was closest to her then walked away like "I'm not going to damage my hearing on *her*"!

This has to be said again. Kim's "Those who tangle with Don Juan" MUST be experienced in order to understand the praise I have to give it! (Well, consider that the praise!)

Oh, Glenda did this cute little thing in "Il Muto." Beofre Carlotta comes in, she lifted up her skirt a little to see if she had her pants on underneath.

Anyway, nice show! And the bloopers were a nice surprise. (Oh, but if you're in the balcony, be careful of little school kids. They were taking pictures DURING the show. Any idiot would know not to do that because it's ANNOYING if you are on stage! Thank goodness we had 2 snippy ushers to yell at them.)

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