"Phantom" Christmas Ornaments

Written by Janine DeMartini

I know we are all excited about the PTO ornaments. Each year for the past 3 years (1999, 2000 and 2001) Carlton Cards has produced the rectangle-shaped ornament has dazzled our lives.

They are all the same size: 4 inches Long, 3.5 inches tall and 2 inches in depth. I don't have a scale, but it seems about a pound in weight. With that basic design they all have other similar qualities (such as the Angel design on top). They start out with a Victorian swirl with the angel head on top and wings just under it and on the other side is the completion of the Victorian swirl.

Other things they have similar is the frame work. It's ALWAYS in theater design with the curtains pulled to the right and left and a draping middle with the gold tassels. Each side has a stand with a cherub on the top center of the stage.

OK so now that we know what is similar between them, but what is different?

The first year they came out with them was 1999. This one has the top curtain in a royal green color with under curtains in a reddish color. The stage bows out with copper colored domes as if you're seeing the back of the lights to the stage. The first thin you'll notice is there is a plastic cover under the curtains to protect the design. This year's design is Phantom and Christine in the boat going down to his lair. Michael Crawford sings as Phantom starting off with "Floating Falling" and continuing to "the to the power of the music that I write, the Power of the Music of the Night." Christine is in the white robe and leaning over the boats' front with the Phantom standing at the back. His left hand has the staff in which to move the boat and the right hand is waved in the air. The background is stretched cotton to make the mist and the water waves have the glowing candles popping out of them. The Main color of the backing is dark red. They put the logo of Phantom of the Opera over the characters which makes the details hard to see.

2000 Ornament

2000 Ornament

The next year, 2000 has the top curtain in a royal blue and the underneath draped curtain is a pale green with purple circles. The stage is still bowed and this year has Christine in the white robe in her dressing room. She's facing the mirror and you can see her reflection. To the left of her is her table and the trimmings are of a more bronze tone this year. The main color of the backing is deep purple. In the back where you hit the play button for the music they have Michael Crawford as PTO and Sarah Brightman as Christine. They are singing the song "Phantom of the Opera". It starts off with MC singing "In all your fantasies you always knew." Sarah Brightman sings her Christine parts and then they duet and it ends with MC singing as PTO "Sing my angel of music". The GREAT thing about this ornament is that when you hit the play button in the back, a light comes on behind the mirror and you SEE the Phantom of the Opera, or as we love to call him, Erik behind the mirror singing to Christine Daae. It's a fabulous piece and I think their best yet.

2001 Ornament

2001 Ornament

For this year's piece, 2001, we have a dark purple curtain with a turquoise under curtain and a more of a Gold trim to this year's piece. The backing is mostly the dark purple curtain color. This year we have the scene from the Roof Top. There is Erik in the forefront standing up from the Angel on top of the Dome on the roof. In the back to the left Christine Daae is embraced in Raoul's arms and they are facing front. The back of the piece that is facing front is blue with gold stars to simulate the night sky. Steve Barton as Raoul and Christine Daae start to sing their duet and it starts off with "Share each day with me". Then Michael Crawford as the Phantom of the Opera (as we all know closes with this in the first act of the ALW play) "All that the Phantom asked of you". No laughter here ladies and gents but I'm sure we all can insert it here ourselves. When the play button is hit, the dome on the roof lights up making Erik have an eerie glow under him in a greenish/yellowish tint. Over all, another great addition to the Phantom Collection.

To order the ornaments, you can check any online auction site (like eBay), or go directly to the Carlton Cards website.

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