Where to Chat

So you found out you love the musical/book/whatever and want to meet some other fans. Where do you turn?

The World Wide Web, of course!

The first place to look is the Phantom mailing list. Started 6 years ago by Karin Willison, this is the oldest Phantom mailing list. The list is a mix of people who are new to Phantom and those who have seen the show 200+ times, and everyone in between. For more information, check out Karin's site at http://www.phantomoftheopera.com/list.html

But what if you want a very interactive site where you can talk a lot? Have no fear, the Phantom of the Opera.com Forum is here! Located at http://www.phantomoftheopera.com/cgi-phantomoftheopera/ultimatebb.cgi, this board is one of the largest and most active on the web. There are separate areas to talk about just Phantom, music, and just about any other topic you can think of.

But what if large groups frighten you? There are a ton of smaller, quieter, groups at yahoogroups. Just type in "Phantom" or "POTO" and you'll be able to find many groups which share your interest.

But what if you want to chat? Although the chat room on chatnet on IRC has gone quiet, it is easy to make some friends at any of the places above and exchange names on AOL or another messaging program. The largest is AOL's Instant Messanger (commonly called AOL IM). It takes only a couple minutes to get a name and you don't even have to download the program if you choose AIM Express. For more information, check out AOL's page.

With all of these choices, there should be no shortage of people to talk with!