Some 'Must-See' Phantom Sites

In the last issue, we gave some tips on how to make a good Phantom website. In this issue, we are going to show you some great websites.

P.H.A.N.S. is a website devoted to artists who do Phantom-inspired work. It provides a place for people who don't have their own website to post their images. If you have a favourite artist, there are galleries for each of the people. Jen and Chantal designed a great site because it's easy to navigate, unique and the images for the website load quickly. Add that to some great content and it's one of the best Phantom sites I've seen in a long time!

Another great site is The Boxkeeper of the Opera by Chantal. Who knew Mme Giry could be so interesting? Chantal has information about the different actresses, phanfics, images and all sorts of other Giry-related stuff.

Phantom's Choice Webring
There's even a webring that prides itself on only having the best Phantom sites on the web. It's called the Phantom's Choice webring. Even the main page of the webring states "Beware! Many will enter, but few will be accepted..." Run by CrickRock Webrings, as of January 2002, the webring only has 16 members. So if you think your site is worthy, or if you want to see some great pages, this is where you should turn.

If you want something original, try Krista's Phantom Books. She has reviews of all sorts of Phantom related books, anthologies, short stories and more. Books are reviewed with masks (5 masks is the best) and sorted by genre. So if you're tired of reading Leroux or Susan Kay, this should be the next place you turn.

The Japanese production has always been sort of a 'myth' to Westerners. We've all heard about it, but few know anything. Jonathan (a.k.a. Reddeath) is the exception. On his Japanese Phantom Page, you can learn more than you ever knew existed about this production.

Valerie Parker has created a beautiful site for the Virtual-Phantom list at Although it may take a little while to load, the graphics are so beautiful that everyone should see it.

And finally, if you're looking for a good comprehensive site, try EAAB's Phantom Phantasia. With links to where you can read Leroux's novel online, where to buy collectables, and other things, this is a great place to spend some time exploring.