Starting Out

Think this is an easy job?

Think again.

When I decided to take on a Phantom of the Opera magazine, I thought I'd have so many people helping me that I'd be able to sit back and direct.

Boy was I wrong! I didn't realise how hard it would be getting people to contribute... Getting people to send in anything - even opinions - is like pulling teeth! (Though I have never pulled teeth, I have had teeth pulled so I know it's hard!)

If you're reading this and wondering why this issue is so small, it's due to a few reasons:
1. I'm a college student! No, I'm not studying theatre. I was, but then decided I could get better jobs with my other love - international relations. Anyway, this past semester (fall of 2000) was full of academic readings that I had to do. Consequently, I didn't get started on this issue until late.
2. My family is hosting an exchange student - who knows how to use the Internet! So instead of having to divide the computer time by two (my brother and myself), it's now divided by three.
3. I need more contributors! I hope by now you've seen the page called "Contributors." I know many of you would love to have your name listed there... So send something in! Whether it's an image, a story, or just an article about something you're interested in - we'll publish it! Write something about how you were daydreaming about what you think Erik would be doing now, or about how you compared Phantom to a block of Swiss cheese! I love getting articles by other people because this is your magazine and everyone has such different opinions. I think that Carlotta is the best character and I know other people love characters like Mme Giry or the managers. Well, write something about why you love that character! An article can be any length (my suggestion is between 2 paragraphs and 10 pages).

But my time as editor has also been great. I've gotten people emailing me from around the world. I'm creating something of which I can be proud. I'm keeping my interest in the show alive.

And I get to help other people find out more about the book, the musical, and movies that I love.