The Closing of San Francisco
by Daphnie

Toronto's 10th
An article on the activities surrounding Toronto's 10th Anniversary Performance

Toronto Memories
by Jeanette Birt

This issue: All Music Services in San Francisco

Phan Art
With contributions from Tiara, F deLO, Nick Newton and Wendy Gao.

What is The Phanzine?
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The Magazine
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An Interview
Toronto's Last Carlotta: Kim Stengel

Toronto's Final Performance
The closing of a Canadian legend

The Phantom of the Opera's Diary by Irene Emelyanova.

An Evening's Amusement by Heather Sullivan.

A Phantom's Last Song by Tiara.

Final Thoughts by Nick Newton.

Music Box Cast Review
From the Allen Theater in Cleveland by Andrew

"If you could be any character in Leroux's novel, who would you be and why?" See what phans have to say on this subject.

Phantom Stories
Stories about why and how people love the story of The Phantom of the Opera.