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Phan Art
With contributions from Eleanor Lem and Kim Caudle.

Review: Music Box Tour
"Phantom" Makes Strong Showing in Denver, by Christi V.

Review: Broadway
A review of the Friday, October 1, 1999 performance by Heather Sullivan.

Phantom's Reign Coming to an End?
An editorial with thoughts on the recent closings
of several Phantom productions.

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The Magazine
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Life of a Princess
An interview with Sandra Margolese, Toronto's Princess and Carlotta understudy for five years.

The Four Guys in the Chorus
Information about the CD that was done by some members of the chorus of Toronto's cast of Phantom of The Opera.

Where Hope is Infinite by Veronique Claire.

Of That Which Came Before by Catherine Sullivan.

"Should Erik be condemned for killing Buquet and Piangi in ALW's version of Phantom?" See what phans have to say on this subject.

This issue showcases Footlight Records, located in New York City. Included are prices, information about the store, and how to order.