About Us

So who are the oddballs who made this site? We're Dawn, Debbie and Beth. We made this site because, while searching the internet, we found a strange LACK of sites about these two characters, and the actors themselves! It was time for these two wonderful actors to get noticed for all the work they did!

You want to know more? Well, if you want to know more about Beth, go to Beth's Page. Learn more than you wanted to know about Debbie by visiting DebsWorld. If you want to know more about Dawn, you'll have to wait until she makes a page of her own. ;)

All right, now for the legal stuff. We are not affiliated with the company that made "The Waltons," nor are we affiliated with any of the actors or anyone of influence. (But if you are someone with influence and reading this, we would love to be affliliated with you!)

We don't own the rights to anything we have on here, nor do we claim to. We aren't making any profit whatsoever from this.