Ronnie Claire Edwards

Originally, Corabeth was only supposed to be in one episode. But since Ms. Edwards is such a wonderful actress, they re-shot the entire episode and kept her as a regular!

Roles in Television:

Designing Women: Played Charlene's mother (Ione) in "Nashville Bound" and "Hurry Up and Marry Me Bill"

The Torkelsons: Played Bootsie in "For Love or Money," "The Cotillion," "A Kiss is Still A Kiss," and "Men Don't Leave"

Dallas: Played Lydia, a psychic

Murder She Wrote: Sylvia McMasters in "Snow White, Blood Red"

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Talur in "Thine Own Self"

Boone: Aunt Dolly

Sara: Helen Newcomb

Just in Time

Paper Moon: "Miracle Woman"


Driving Miss Daisy: Dallas and Bucks County Playhouse (image from the latter)

Steel Magnolias: 9/16/88 at the Pasadena (CA) Playhouse

Movies and TV Movies:

8 Seconds: Carolyn Kyle

The Dead Pool: Molly Fisher

Nobody's Fool: Bingo

Perfect: Melody

Getting Wasted

Five Days From Home: Marian

All the Way Home: Sally

Future Cop

Sweet Bird of Youth: Aunt Nonnie

When Everyday Was Fourth of July: Mrs. Narjarian

Ronnie Claire Edwards' talent does not solely lie in front of the camera. She co-wrote a play entitled "Idols of the King" which can be seen all over the United States. The following is a summary of the play:

Here is what some newspapers say about the play:

About Ms. Edwards, the author.
Bios for Allen Crowe and Ronnie Claire Edwards from the Arkansas Reperatory Theatre web site.