How well do you know the Godseys?

1. In whose room does Corabeth stay in?
John Boy's
Olivia and John's

2. What reason for the divorce was given to Ike?
Failure to consummate the marriage.
Irreconcilable differences.

3. Why did Ike have so many jars of the Recipe?
When Corabeth would go away, Ike would get drunk.
He got married and Corabeth wouldn't let him drink it.
He sold it for the Baldwin ladies on the side.

4. Where was the Recipe kept at the store?
Under the pool table.
On the top shelf behind the toolbox.
In the "Nickle a Pickle" barrel.

5. Which of the following objects did Corabeth keep in the trunk?
A jar of the Recipe.
Ballet slippers.
Rice from her wedding.

6. Where did Pamela Morris work?
At an art gallery.
At the play where the Godseys saw "Pygmalion."
At the bookstore.

7. Had there been any calls for Corabeth's Real Estate business while she had been gone?
The phone never stopped ringing.
Two: both from disgruntled buyers.

8. What had Ike brought for both Corabeth and Pamela?
A big box of chocolates.

9. What was the date on Pamela's letter that Corabeth found?
July, 1941.
June, 1941.
June, 1944.

10. What did Ike threaten to do with all of Corabeth's things?
Burn them.
Throw them out into the street.
Give them to Pamela Morris.

Quiz Answers