How well do you know the Godseys?

1. In "The First Edition," where does Corabeth threaten to move away to?
Doe Hill

2. Why was Corabeth against the hiring of Rev. Buchanan in "The Hawk?"
He had stalked her before she came to the mountain.
He drank.
She was attracted to him.

3. Where does Ike go when he has a fight with Corabeth in "The Empty Nest?"
To the Waltons' house.
To church.
To the Dew Drop Inn.

4. What novel did Corabeth read to Ike while he was in the hospital in 'The Attack?"
Sense and Sensibility
Jane Eyre

5. Which is NOT one of the things that Corabeth wanted to become when she was younger? (From "The Tailspin.")
An opera singer.
A great dramatic actress.
A dancer.

6. In "The Kinfolk," what was Ike trying to hide from Corabeth (and the rest of the world)?
His own recipe machine.
An air raid siren.
His letter from Pamela Morris.

7. In "The Last Straw," what does Corabeth do once she finds Ike and John drunk in the store?
Joins in.
Throws them out.
Says she's going to get a divorce and leaves.

8. What is the title of the book Corabeth was reading in "The Outrage?"
Jane Eyre
How to Make Your Fortune in Cookies.
How to Make Your Fortune in Real Estate.

9. Where did Ike and Corabeth listen to the radio when war was declared on Japan? (From "Day of Infamy")
In the store.
In their living room.
With the Waltons.

10. Ike threatens to tell on Corabeth for selling what to the Baldwins in "The Triumph?"
Rotten apples.

Quiz Answers