In celebration of finally seeing the episode where Corabeth and Ike meet, Beth has decided to ask:

How well do you know "The Matchmaker?"

1. How old was Corabeth's mother when she died?

2. What does Ike give to John to give to Corabeth?
A dog.
Mail from Doe Hill.

3. Where does Ike take Corabeth, Olivia and John?
The Paris Restaurant.
The Versailles Restaurant.

4. How did Corabeth have her hair done in this episode?
Short and loose.
Pulled back in a bun.

5. What doesn't Ike wear when he sleeps?
A sleeping cap.

6. Who was Ike's best man?
John Walton, Sr.
Jim Bob.

7. What was Grandma doing when she told John Boy that Corabeth was upstairs in his room resting after doing absolutely nothing?
Kneading bread.
Sneaking a sip of the recipe.

8. Corabeth's dad kept what by his bed when he was sick?
A book.
A little silver bell.
A bag of candies.

9. Why did Corabeth envy John and Olivia?
They had a lot of kids.
They both had wonderful skin.
They were lucky enough to find love.

10. What excuse did Corabeth use to end her time with Ike out on the porch?
A headache.
She had to wash her hair.
She needed to clean John Boy's room.

Quiz Answers