Corabeth Godsey

Corabeth comes from Doe Hill, where she lived with her mother until she died. Her brother, Frank, was a minister and her little sister, Orma Lee, married a car salesman in Tulsa. Corabeth was her mother's favorite child and Orma Lee was jealous. The two sisters did not get along very well, Orma Lee was treated like some sort of 'trash' (though Aunt Cordelia was the only family member not to treat her this way). But Corabeth and Orma Lee eventually make up in an episode entitled "The Pearls."

Throughout the course of the series, Corabeth had many jobs and hobbies. Among them are: beautician, 'girl scout' leader, dance instructor, interior decorator, teacher, running a tea room, English tutor, beautician, selling perfume and hats, and romance novelist. She also had a real estate business, where she ended up making just as much as Ike did with the General Mercantile.

Corabeth's life wasn't as sugar coated as many of the Waltons' lives. She was an alcoholic ("The Captive"), and John helped her get through that. Corabeth also found out that her husband had cheated on her and almost left him in "The Indiscretion". According to Ike, Corabeth's birth stone is Amethyst, which puts her birthday in February.